Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kiwi sport

For six weeks we have been learning kiwi sport with Miss Andy.We have been learning about kiwi sport for going into a sport one day. In Term 3 week 9 we all had to do a training round. Their were five stages, Stage 1, Stage 2 Stage 3, Stage 4 and Stage 5. The first stage was the discus roll, we had to try and roll the disc between the two cones. When I tried my score was 3 points. The second stage was the hoop throw, we had to throw the hoop and try to throw it into a tall pole. This part was hard for me because I couldn't get the hoop on the pole and I got 4 points. The third stage was the long jump, We had to jump and the more higher you get the less points you get. I made a jump and I came third place which means I got 3 points. The fourth stage was the shot put, we had to hold the ball on our shoulders and then try and bounce it into the hoop. I actually had 3 points because it got a bit difficult and the fifth stage was the sprints, 3 people had to run and go around as fast as they can. I went 5 times and had to have 2 points which was a good score. When we finally finished I actually got 15 in total, but the only person to come first place for the year 6's was Ofa because he ended up with 7 points which was amazing to hear but I had fun at kiwi sport and it was good.

Example on the 3 methods

L.I to investigate the 3 multiplication strategies

Today I have created a Google presentation on the Korean, Agritom and Japanese strategies. These are all the three strategies that Mr Ogilvies groups have been working on. The three tasks were easy for me but I had some challenges working on the three multiplication strategies and I have finally completed this task.

The part that I found difficult was the agritom because I had to understand how to work this task out.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rio 2016: Eric Murray

Today I have been working on the Rio 2016 Olympic games on a rower called Eric Murray. We had to answer Who, What, When, Where, Why and how. We have answered all of the questions. we did our hardest to complete this task but we have finally completed the google slide on Eric Murray.

The thing that I found difficult was the word why. The word why was hard because we had to find answers about Eric Murray.  

The Olympic and us diet

Character trail 2

Nick’s Mum Is a tall lady in the story of the dragon’s egg  
A Characteristic of  Nick’s Mum is An example of this is she might get all grumpy.

Nick’s Mum also shows  kindness when her son Nick is with her

To summaries the story of Nick’s Mum that she is a Kind, Grumpy, Happy and a good Mum.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Character Trail

Nick Is a Young boy in the story of the dragon’s egg  
A Characteristic of  Nick is  An example of this is he is a kind boy at home and to the egg.

Nick also shows Respect when he looked after the egg and even with his friends as well.

To summaries the story of Nick that he is a kind, Happy, caring and a respectful young boy in the story.

L.I to comprehend/ Inference information in the text

Today I have been learning to describe the character about Nick in the story the Dragon's egg. I have been describing Nick in the story and I have finished my Character Trail about Nick. I am going to create another Character trail but this time someone else in the story like one of his friends or maybe his Mum and I will have another character trail.

 The thing that I found difficult was thinking about what Nick acts like and what he is.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Acrostic poem

L:I to use Past, Present and future tense.


Place values Multiplication

L.I to Multiply 2 digit numbers using a range of strategies.

Today I have created a Place values folder to understand how to use my 2 digit numbers. This folder has examples on how to use the 2 digits numbers. I have made 3 questions and I have answered all of the answers. I even understand how to use the 2 digit numbers.

The thing that I found difficult was figuring out what they all equal to and how they work.

How to make a ham and cheese sandwich

L.I to write a procedural text

Today I have created a google slide on a procedural text. Today I have made a step by step on how to make a ham and cheese sandwich. I have made four step by steps on how to make one and these instructions are very simple to make.

The thing that I found difficult was remembering how to make one and I have finally made a step by step on how to make a ham and cheese sandwich.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The dragon's egg

.  Describe the egg Nick brought home. A large and smooth egg

2.  What did Nick say would happen if the children touched the egg?  
The egg might feel cold

3.  What did the children do each afternoon while they waited for the dragon to hatch?
Every afternoon they sat on the floor and old each other scary dragon stories.

4.  What made Mum suspicious?  Mum was suspicious about the egg because she thinks the egg is nothing and he way Nick was acting

5.  How did they get Nick back?  By telling Nick that the egg was a rock or telling Nick that the egg wasn’t hatching

L.I to comprehend/Inference information in a text.

Today I have been reading the story of the dragon's egg. This is the story of a boy who found a egg and the egg was a round, smooth and large like an ostrich egg. This story was most interesting because of what the egg looks like and how it feels like. I even like how everyone in the story is like and how they are acting with the egg.

The one thing I found difficult is question 5 because I couldn't figure out how did they get Nick back.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cross word poem

L.I to learn about vocabulary
Today I have been working on our poetry for our cross word poem. We learnt about vocabulary, Lines, Productions and including rimming words.