Tuesday, 13 December 2016

An-225 (cargo doors)

Cargo doors
Cargo doors are more useful for cargo planes and passenger planes around the globe but large cargo doors are only seen on large cargo plane in flight. The front nose cargo door of the An-225 is over 10 meters high and 6 meters long but at the back the cargo door there is nearly 15 meters high and nearly 7 meters long. The plane is able to fit a fighter jet, for example a Mikoyan mig 29 and another example a Airbus A380 but only in parts and not the fully built plane. The C-5 galaxy plane does the same but the cargo doors aren't as larger as the An-225’s cargo doors. The back cargo doors of the An-225 and the C-5 Galaxy have to be separated when opening but mostly at the front that cargo door has to go up and also block the cockpit at the top. But the pilots get contact from the controls to help them close the front cargo door. When the front cargo door is open the plane actually has to bend down by lowering down the wheels for something to come in for flight.   

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