Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Summer Learning

Dear Mum,

I have some good news, I am travelling to Canada in December 2016 and returning to New Zealand early January 2017.  Mum, the reason why I have chosen to visit Canada is, this time of the year it's winter season.  There is plenty of snow.  I have always wanted to spend Christmas in the snow.  But I will be packing plenty of warm woolly jumpers!  I am looking forward to making a big snowman, to.  I also will be sure to do some sight seeing at the Niagara Falls.  The largest waterfall in the world, also found in Canada.  I have always wanted to travel to Canada, Mum and besides visiting different sights and enjoying the snow I hope to see the Northern Lights.

I will miss everyone but, I will be home before you know it.  You are always welcome to come along if you want to, Mum?

From Liam.


  1. Kia ora Liam,

    What a wonderful letter! I'm sure your Mum would appreciate you writing to her like this very much :-) I really like how descriptive you have been in your letter, and how you let her know everything you would be getting up to!

    Travelling to Canada in the winter would be very exciting, so it's a good idea to pack as many woolly jumpers as you can. I have a friend of mine living over there at the moment with his family, and he has been sending me lots of photos. It looks incredible! At this time of year the snow makes it a beautiful part of the world.

    This is such a great piece of writing Liam, keep up your awesome work!


  2. Hi Liam,

    I'm writing to you from snowy Canada. I live in a small town, Almonte, just a half hour away from the Canada's capital city of Ottawa. We have a lot of snow on the ground right now and it's actually storming as I write to you! Our children are on Christmas holiday break from school for 2 weeks and many of them are out playing in the snow, sliding down our local hill on their sleds and toboggans. The other activity lots of children enjoy is skiing - we have a ski hill just a few minutes away and so many many families spend their holidays there. My husband and I enjoy snow-shoeing through the woods with our dog, Spirit. She's an Australian Shepherd and so she has lots and lots of fur and loves cold weather! Ron and I have to wear lots of clothing to stay warm including wool socks, snow pants, heavy snow jackets, hats and mitts. It takes us a while to get dressed each day! And when we come in from the outside we have to take all our heavy clothing off and hang it up to dry. Fortunately we have a basement in our house where we can hang our snow-soaked jackets and pants etc.!

    I hope you'll have the chance to come to Canada one day! It has a different kind of beauty than your country, New Zealand. But we have some things in common such as mountains and beautiful, rugged coast lines.

    I'm enjoying your blog! Well done!


  3. Hey Liam
    Great job on this activity. Your letter to your mum was very nice. I like how you invited you mum to come too. Keep up the work Liam!

  4. Hello there Liam,

    I'm a year 7 student from S.P.X school and my name is Von. I have to say, what a lovely letter you have written to your mother. What a great idea to invite her as well ..Anyways I hope your mother does join you on your trip to Canada!

    Great work and keep it Up!